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The Vision 20/20 Project awarded AFG grant to expand its CRR Outreach

The Vision 20/20 Project was awarded a FEMA Fire Prevention and Safety Assistance to Firefighters Grant to conduct as series of projects to help expand the implementation of Community Risk Reduction (CRR) in fire departments across the country.

The key project under this grant will be holding a symposium, Model Performance in Community Risk Reduction. This will be the fifth symposium and the name has been changed from Model Performance in Fire Prevention to reflect the diversity of activities that fire departments are called upon to do every day. CRR is becoming integrated into fire departments daily operations, and this symposium will feature presentations on local programs that have produced measurable results by “getting ahead of the call.”

As a sign of the growth of this symposium, we are joining with other organizations to help with the planning process, including the International Association of Fire Chiefs, International Fire Service Training Association, the International Code Council, the International Fire Marshal’s Association, the National Fire Protection Association and other national organizations that are leaders in the areas of fire prevention, safety, and CRR. Details for the symposium will be announced soon, but plans are to have it to take place in the Washington, DC, area in the spring of 2018.

The Vision 20/20 Project is also going to continue expanding our outreach efforts by helping to develop state-level CRR teams. The goal of these teams is to provide assistance to departments that are looking to implement CRR at the local level. This effort will use the findings of the Vision 20/20 Project’s CRR Summit that was held earlier in 2017, with a formative meeting in November to launch this project.

A third component of the grant is to revise our current one-day CRR training with a focus on the volunteer fire service. This project, being done in partnership with the National Volunteer Fire Council, will work to address the unique needs of the volunteer fire service when trying to develop and implement CRR in their communities.

These efforts will continue The Vision 20/20 Project’s goal of sharing and providing information that fire departments can use at the local level to make their communities safer, including expanded use of the innovative Vision 20/20 Fire Safety Materials Generator, an online tool that allows fire departments to create and customize public education materials about smoke alarms and cooking safety. More information on CRR as well as tools and resources from past symposia and summits can be found at our website,