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Workshop on New Technology for Fire Prevention

The Fire Protection Research Foundation, in cooperation with Vision 20/20’s Strategy 4, is sponsoring a workshop on September 11, 2017, in College Park, Maryland on smoke alarm and cooking fire prevention technologies.  Workshop participants will have the opportunity to learn about new technologies emerging globally, hear updates on codes and standards relevant to these technologies, and, most importantly, articulate the needs of the fire prevention community for future developments..  There is no charge to participate but slots are limited and you can register via the form below.  For more information, contact Kathleen Almand, Vice President, Research, NFPA.

Agenda (Download PDF)
Monday, September 11, 2017, 1:00 – 5:00 p.m.
College Park Marriott Hotel, College Park, Maryland
Sponsored by the Fire Protection Research Foundation in cooperation with the Vision 20/20 Project

  1. Introduction/Workshop Goal
  2. Update on the Home Fire Loss Problem – Marty Ahrens, NFPA
  3. Addressing the Home Fire Problem with Technology
    1. Smoke Alarms
      1. Update on standards changes – Dave Mills, UL 217 and L.J. Dallaire, NFPA 72
      2. Detection and signaling industry initiatives – Maria Marks, NEMA
      3. Update on new technologies on the horizon -Tom Cleary, NIST
    2. Cooking Fire Mitigation Technology
      1. Update on standards changes – Bob DeLaValle, UL 858
      2. Appliance industry initiatives – Randy Cooper, AHAM
      3. Update on new technologies on the horizon – Anthony Hamins, NIST
    3. Internet of Things – potential for home fire mitigation – Casey Grant, FPRF
  4. Breakouts (1 hour)
    1. What are the current priority fire prevention needs that existing and emerging technologies have the untapped potential to meet?
    2. What are the barriers to the introduction of technology for fire prevention?
    3. How can the fire prevention community contribute to the advancement of technology for prevention?
  5. Breakout Reports
  6. Conclusion

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