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The eighth National Model Performance in CRR Symposium will further Vision 20/20 commitment for sharing proven resources, strategies and best practices with current and Emerging Leaders across the US fire and emergency services.

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February 20–22, 2024
Embassy Suites
Murfreesboro, TN
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Prevention Activities in U.S. Fire Departments Results and Recommendations from a National Survey

March 2023

Provided By: Johns Hopkins Center for Injury Research and Policy

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Onsite Community Risk Reduction Project

Vision 20/20 To Select One Fire Department to Participate in Onsite Community Risk Reduction Project

Deadline for submission: July 21, 2023.

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Model Performance Criteria

Template & Guidance

Model performance criteria (MPC) is the gold standard that drives the focus for all risk reduction programming and helps fire departments measure their program value toward a desired outcome.

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Data Collection & Analysis (DCA) Training Course

Data Collection & Analysis (DCA) training course was specifically developed to build a critical skillset for current and future fire department leaders that is focused on understanding and manipulating organizational and external data sources.

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Vision 20/20 Project is guided by a coalition of national organizations and experts exemplifying how collaboration, communication, and commitment to data-based solutions saves lives and property. Learn more about Vision 20/20 >

New Course

CRR for Chief Fire Officers

This new research based course focuses on challenges, gaps and misconceptions as seen through the eyes of Chief Fire Officers from across the nation. Hard hitting, difficult discussions sit at the core of this training that help Chief Officers gain a better understanding of true concepts of CRR and how to gain buy-in within their organization.  Post course survey results from Chief Officers rate this course a “must take” for their peers across the nation.

City of Spokane Washington CRA

Everything CRR starts with your local risk assessment. Without it there is no basis for programs or evaluation and has been shown to lead to the creation of, or continued delivery of programs that miss the mark. Creating your Community Risk Assessment doesn’t have to be a long drawn out process that buries you in months of work. Learn more about how the City of Spokane, Washington built their exceptional CRA using Vision 20/20’s proven materials and process.

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Coming in 2023

CRR Academy

With funding through a FY 2021 FEMA Fire Prevention & Safety Grant, Vision 20/20 will create CRR Academy, a learning management system (LMS) that will house all Vision 20/20 training content. This new virtual format will help us reach larger and more diverse audiences.

Prevention Activities in U.S. Fire Departments Results and Recommendations from a National Survey

March 2023

Provided By: Johns Hopkins Center for Injury Research and Policy

CRR Academy Logo

Vision 20/20 Advisory Council

The Vision 20/20 Advisory Council provides guidance to the operations of the project through a diversity of backgrounds, interests and views. The daily operations of Vision 20/20 are guided by members of the Executive Committee.


Vision 20/20 Advisory Council Groups

Two Advisory Council groups will help the Steering Committee achieve a culture of cooperation, open communication and a community of innovation.

Advisory Council Groups
Materials Generator

Materials Generator Redesign

Through a guided, step-by-step process, you can choose from a suite of images, headlines, and text to generate outreach materials. Create flyers, door hangers, activity guides, social media, refrigerator cards and more — all personalized with your own logo and contact information.

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CRR Week

CRR Week will celebrate its fourth anniversary January 15-21, 2024. The Week starts on January 15, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a federal holiday and national day of service, which encourages volunteerism to improve the community.

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Vision 20/20’s 6 Guiding Strategies

Vision 20/20’s 6 Guiding Strategies

  • Education
  • Outreach
  • Culture
  • Technology
  • Codes & Standards
  • Model Performance

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CRR Radio

CRR Radio is your podcast source for information about Community Risk Reduction. Tune in for interviews with people who are using CRR in their communities and other experts in a variety of fields. Subscribe wherever you get your radio podcasts.

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