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2018 Symposium Call for Presentations


Your opportunity to present
at the

Fifth National Model Performance in Community Risk Reduction Symposium

April 9-11, 2018

Reston, Virginia, USA

Vision 20/20 invites proposals for presentation at the fifth national Model Performance in Community Risk Reduction Symposium.

The 5th National Model Performance in Community Risk Reduction Symposium is sponsored by The Vision 20/20 Project through an Assistance to Firefighters Grant from FEMA.  This symposium will showcase successful efforts in all areas of community risk reduction that have potential for reducing deaths and injuries in communities throughout the United States and that work. Join with 300 leaders and advocates of CRR representing every state -they will take best practices, evidence of strategies that have proven successful to implement in their own jurisdictions..

Important Dates

  • January 26, 2018 – Proposals are due by 5:00 p.m. Eastern
  • February 17, 2018 – We will start notifying people of whether your proposal has been selected or not.

How do I propose a presentation?

Please follow the five steps outlined below

Step 1 – Read this to see examples of how to describe your program using model performance measures terminology.

Applying Model Performance Measures to CRR

Local and state fire officials, researchers, and other community risk reduction advocates are all welcome to propose a presentation.  Proposed presentations can address any disciplines of the fire service and community risk reduction:

  • Engineering
  • Enforcement
  • Education (including multi-hazard education as long as fire is part of the program)
  • Economic incentives/disincentives
  • Emergency Response
  • Fire investigation
  • Infrastructure (training, data collection and analysis, use of resources, etc.)

A complete evaluation of a proven project is not required, but does greatly increase the chance of being selected.  An evaluation must include at least one of the following measurement components to be considered:

  • Formative Evaluation (qualitative or quantitative risk assessment)
  • Process Evaluation (analysis of the program’s development and early implementation)
  • Impact Evaluation (identification of measurable changes that are cognitive gains or behavior changes that reduced risk)
  • Outcome Evaluation (longer term documentation that supports reduction of injury, death or economic losses)

Click here to download examples of successful submittals from the 2016 Symposium,

Click here to find copies of presentations from the 2016 Symposium.

If you would like assistance with understanding how best to describe your project in evaluation terms let us know, there are several instructors who are willing to help.

Model programs may be presented that represent operations and emergency response in addition to the prevention strategies of Vision 20/20.

  • Prevention advocacy
  • Prevention marketing
  • Prevention culture
  • Prevention technology
  • Prevention codes and standards

Click here to learn more about each of The Vision 20/20 Project strategies.

Presentations must focus on implementation experience and provide guidance for successful use in other jurisdictions. National programs are only eligible if the presentation focuses on local or state implementation and outcomes. We encourage creativity, but rely on documentation of effectiveness as the primary criteria for selection of presentations.

Step 2 – Prepare your proposal

Download a Microsoft Word version of the application form and fill it out offline.

Step 3 – Submit your proposal

We’re sorry, but the Call for Presentations is now closed.

Step 4 – Proposal review 

A program review panel will rank proposed presentations based on:

  • A risk assessment (formative evaluation) was conducted demonstrating the link between community risk and desired outcomes to guide program design and development
  • The program has been documented to the extent that it could be used elsewhere – and process evaluation illustrates successful implementation strategies
  • Impacts and/or outcomes are documented by data that support reduced loss (lives, injuries, property, resources)

Step 5 – If you are selected to present

Vision 20/20 will sponsor up to 20 presenters. Those selected for presentation will have their expenses paid to the Symposium including travel, lodging, and meals during the Symposium. Vision 20/20 will provide specific instruction for booking registration and travel when notification of acceptance is made.

Programs that are selected for presentation must be limited to 20 minutes and include the following elements:

  • Objective(s), target audience
  • Implementation strategy
  • Methods and results of evaluations
  • Recommendations for replication of a similar project.

Additional time during the symposium will be available for networking and discussion.

PowerPoint presentation and handout templates will be made available with more specific instructions when notified of selection.

If you are not selected, but would still like to attend, open registration will be available February 1, 2018.  Look for an announcement soon or sign up for Vision 20/20 Updates.

We look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible, but no later than January 26, 2018. Please spread the word to others in the field and encourage those who have managed successful programs to apply!

Please contact us if you have questions or need additional information.