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Vision 20/20 Vision, Mission and Value Statements

Vision 20/20: Safer Communities Through Community Risk Reduction

After over a decade of service, Vision 20/20 has completed an in-depth strategic planning process that will help the organization continue to closely align itself with the needs of the fire service and the communities they serve. This provides Vision 20/20 with a clear direction for the future, guiding the organization in developing tools and resources.

The result is a new Mission Statement, Vision Statement, Value Statements and logo that will help frameVision 20/20’s operations going forward and allow it to continue to be a  leading advocate for Community Risk Reduction throughout the fire service and across the nation.  

Read more in the press release.


As passionate leaders dedicated to Community Risk Reduction, we build strategies, facilitate collaboration and overcome barriers to make communities safe, healthy and resilient.


We partner with organizations and experts to drive Community Risk Reduction across all levels of the fire and emergency services. We identify gaps, evaluate and apply data-driven strategies and resources, and provide guidance in implementing adaptive measures to reduce fire and other risks; saving lives, and protecting first responders and property.

Value Statements

We believe in Community Risk Reduction through:

Collaboration Build and maintain partnerships to identify gaps in community health, safety and resilience and provide the most innovative, effective, and integrated strategies and resources.

Excellence Apply rigor and critical thinking to data-based decision-making to identify, prioritize and mitigate community risk.

Integrity and Transparency Embrace open, honest and inclusive communications that result in shared decision-making and resource exchange.

Inclusivity Work collaboratively with all stakeholders to harness the diversity of people and ideas to protect society, especially populations at highest risk and first responders, in an effort to build safe, healthy, and resilient communities.

Leadership Advocate the crucial role of fire and emergency services in motivating the accelerated adoption of CRR best practices.