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Strategic Business Alliance (SBA) Group

The Vision 20/20 Project is committed to developing the next phase of guidance from national fire and emergency services leaders and strategic business partners to advocate for and set the example for effective implementation of Community Risk Reduction best practices across the U.S.  As a project, Vision 20/20 identifies gaps and develops sustainable solutions to assist the fire and emergency services in achieving their CRR goals.  Whether it is tools, training, guidance or support the project has continually delivered on identifying those best practices and turning them into quality deliverables for fire departments across the nation.

This includes establishing the Strategic Business Alliance (SBA) Group within the Vision 20/20 Advisory Committee. Members of SBA will participate directly in national strategic planning and execution with guidance and support from experienced Vision 20/20 team members. Vision 20/20 will benefit from fresh perspectives and insights as SBA members work with the Executive Committee and other Advisory Committee groups to achieve measurable outcomes in CRR at local, state, and national levels.  Vision 20/20 recognizes that we go further together when we partner and collaborate on providing the content and tools that assist fire departments meet the challenges of understanding and addressing risk within their communities. Our goals are simple: across all groups of our Advisory Council we seek to build a community of innovation which supports fire departments across the nation in creating safe, healthy, and resilient communities.

The Strategic Business Alliance (SBA) group will consist of partners that have a strong alignment with Vision 20/20’s mission of supporting fire and emergency service peers who are leading change and innovation in the area of Community Risk Reduction (CRR). The intent of the Strategic Business Alliance is to find common ground where ideas transform into action through support and collaboration, sustainable solutions for the challenges our fire service peers face by being on the forefront of building the next generation of CRR tools and training. The SBA is a place to connect with Vision 20/20 and our other Advisory Council groups which create a culture of cooperation, open communication and a community of innovation.

The benefits to your organization as a member of the SBA include:

  • Access to other focus groups of Vision 20/20’s Advisory Council along with the next generation of thought leaders, problem-solvers, and doers that will help to forge the future of CRR across the nation.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the true meaning of CRR, how Vision 20/20’s six strategies intersect with fire service challenges on a holistic level and where opportunities exist that are an ideal fit for your organization.
  • Through the SBA, members are able to position their organization to be an inclusive partner of the Vision 20/20 mission.
  • Increase the visibility of your business entity as a progressive and inclusive leader in the realm of Community Risk Reduction on a national level.

What you will do

Strategic Business Alliance partners will bring fresh perspectives, connections & relationships and institutional business knowledge that are deeply connected to fire service problems and solutions across our nation.  Your focus, passion, knowledge and engagement will help to further define the landscape and forge the path for CRR to gain additional momentum with increased visibility across the nation.

You will take part in 60 minute virtual meetings on Vision 20/20’s Zoom platform that occur on a quarterly basis at a standing time.

Discussions will revolve around a variety of preset topics that focus on Vision 20/20’s six strategies, prospective tools and training, and other diverse issues that are byproducts of the Fire and Emergency Services Organizations (FESO) and Champions and Emerging Leaders (CEL) groups of Vision 20/20’s Advisory Council.  These discussions will focus on topics of collaboration, partnerships, technical expertise and support as well as opportunities for our strategic business partners to grow their footprint in the CRR realm.

Strategic business partners will be provided with the opportunity to go one on one with the Vision 20/20 Executive Committee for a deeper dive on sensitive topics and business areas that require discussions that may include proprietary information and intellectual property.

Topics will be forwarded to representatives 1 month prior to each meeting to keep the discussions narrow and on topic with thoughtful discussion into understanding gaps and challenges, prospective solutions, scalability and impact on the fire service.

These discussions can and likely will ultimately lead to deeper dives with Vision 20/20’s Strategic Business Alliance (SBA) partners to examine difficulty, cost, feasibility, priority and collaboration/partnerships of proposed solutions.


Advisory Council (AC) – Strategic Business Alliance Group Member Representative Commitment:

All representatives for Strategic Business Alliance Group agree to the following stipulations:

  1. Serve a 2-year term.
  2. Attend a minimum of 3 virtual meetings in a calendar year.  If the SBA representative does not meet that threshold they will be removed from the group.
  3. The Vision 20/20 AC is an inclusive and welcoming environment where those having differences of opinion and dissenting views are supported.  AC representatives agree to participate in a positive and respectful manner and represent the Vision 20/20 Project in a positive light at all times, understanding that failure to do so may be grounds for removal.
  4. Agree to hold all discussions of the SBA group in confidence to protect all strategic business partners intellectual rights and property.  Requested one on one discussions with Vision 20/20’s Executive Committee on collaboration and/or partnerships will require a non-disclosure agreement to further protect each entity.

Vision 20/20 understands the commitment that all Vision 20/20 Advisory Council (AC)  representatives undertake and wishes to make the experience beneficial to them, their organization, the Vision 20/20 Project, and our fire and emergency service peers.

There will be a limit of 20 SBA representatives and appointments to the group will be granted via an application and interview with Vision 20/20 representatives.


Process for applying to the Vision 20/20 Strategic Business Alliance

  1. Download and complete application package available on and send it to
  2. Completed applications will be reviewed and a virtual interview will be scheduled with the entity to discuss

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