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BOB, 360 Video and Fire at NIST

October 23, 2019 • Ed Comeau

In this conversation with Matt Hoehler, we talk about how NIST is incorporating video to give people a much more immersive experience in wildland and structural fires. “One reason this is valuable, is just the ability to allow somebody to experience a fire from a perspective that they would otherwise not be able to experience, allows people to understand what we do in fire research and also what, you know, fire protection experts and what firefighters do and the environments that they’re working in,” said Hoehler. “So, being able to just put cameras in this environment, there’s value of that in that and the fact that you’ve moved from a 2D view into a 360 view, means that the viewer gets to decide what they want to look at, rather than having whoever’s shooting a 2D photograph decide what you’re going to be looking at. “

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