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CRR Champions

There’s so much more to CRR.

You have likely landed on this page by scanning a QR code on our Champion’s Chip.  At Vision 20/20, we understand the role of CRR Champions in an organization and how they impact the desired outcome of creating safe, healthy & resilient communities.  This means different things to different people based on their knowledge of the subject and their experience.

No matter what your official title is, chances are you may have some misconceptions about what Community Risk Reduction (CRR) truly is. Some believe it is simply a new phrase for traditional fire prevention efforts that fire departments have used for decades, while others believe it is all about fire department programs.  Regardless of your experience with CRR, we always say “There is always more to CRR”.  When personnel in the organization learn and experience what CRR truly is, they can easily see where they plug in to the overall solution of creating an organization that is committed to reducing risk. We call this process the Champion’s journey.

When we think of Champion’s, our thoughts often gravitate to sports figures or teams, but in reality, Champion’s exist in every facet of our lives.  Whether it is teachers in our schools, business owners in our community, or government and civic leaders, these people perform at extraordinary levels and support those around them to achieve incredible results.  CRR Champion’s are no different, they come in all shapes and sizes, from all disciplines in the fire department and even those outside the organization.  In short, CRR Champions are some of the most knowledgeable, disciplined, committed, selfless and supportive people in the community.  They stand up for what they believe, what is just, have empathy to protect the most vulnerable population, and gain an overall sense of what service to the Community means.  In essence, CRR Champions embody the word “Community” in CRR.

Our goal is simple, build CRR Champions across the nation to support safe, healthy & resilient communities.  Much of this discussion surrounds the tenants of culture, leadership, and vision, while dispelling myths and misconception.  We ask that you and your organization join us on this journey to build an organizational culture that supports a safe community.

What are Champion chips for?

Unlike typical challenge coins that people save, Champion chips are meant to be given away to others in your organization.  The basis for their design is to find those within the organization that are committed to learning about the true meaning of Community Risk Reduction and championing those efforts in their organization and community.  These individuals come from all disciplines within the organization, from fire chiefs to fire and life safety educators, and everyone in between.  Once a person gains the knowledge, skills and abilities to support CRR, they confirm their commitment by signing our Champions pledge and pass the chip on to a colleague, providing encouragement and support to do the same.  The chip works through the ripple effect, like tossing a stone into the water, those ripples help to gain exponential growth towards their commitment to a safe, healthy & resilient organization and community.

Soon, we will have a free course on CRR Academy that is focused on Building CRR Champions in your Organizations.  In the meantime, sign our pledge to show your commitment to creating a safe, healthy & resilient community!