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At Vision 20/20, we understand the critical role that fire service professionals play in protecting their communities. That’s why we have developed a comprehensive curriculum that equips you with the knowledge and expertise needed to effectively mitigate risks and ensure the safety of those you serve.  Our instructors are leaders in the field with years of experience as subject matter experts.  As your partner in Community Risk Reduction, Vision 20/20’s focus is to educate, equip and engage the nation’s fire service with a deeper understanding of the CRR process, and creating strategic approaches to accelerate your career.
Stay ahead of the curve and elevate your professional development with CRR Academy. Join us today and unlock a world of possibilities in CRR. Together, let’s protect our communities with confidence. You can join your fire service peers from across the nation by creating your free account today. To get started simply visit

Other Courses

Data Collection & Analysis (DCA) Training

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CRR for Chief Fire Officers

Hard hitting, difficult discussions sit at the core of this training that help Chief Officers gain a better understanding of true concepts of CRR and how to gain buy-in within their organization. Post course survey results from Chief Officers rate this course a “must take” for their peers across the nation.

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New Course

CRR for Local Government Officials

Equips local government officials to champion Community Risk Reduction (CRR) initiatives.

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New Course

EMS Training for Volunteer Firefighters

These courses are designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to respond effectively to various medical emergencies.

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The following online guides are also available to assist you in your CRR journey.

Online and PDF

Community Risk Assessment Guide

Developed to help fire departments and other organizations to conduct a basic or more complex assessment of risks within their community.The results of the risk assessment can be used to develop a CRR plan.

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Online and PDF

Community Risk Reduction Planning

CRR Week will celebrate its fourth anniversary January 16-22, 2023. The Week starts on January 16, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which encourages volunteerism to improve the community.

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Outcome Measures Guide

This guide focuses on why outcome measures are important to determine if CRR programs are making an impact in the community.

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State Guide to Supporting Community Risk Reduction Programs

It should be utilized as a tool to explore ways in which state agencies and organizations can consider for supporting and sustaining Community Risk Reduction.

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IFSTA Courses

Module 1

Community Risk Reduction

This 30-minute module introduces Community Risk Reduction (CRR) as a way to “get ahead of the call” to create a safer community by reducing loss before an emergency incident. The characteristics and strategies of CRR as well as best practices including home safety visits are included. This module introduces the benefits of CRR for the community, the fire department and firefighters.

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Module 2

Fire and Burn Prevention

This one-hour module presents home fire and burn prevention and the basics of smoke alarm installation. Fire safety programs for older adults and tips for teaching fire safety to young children are also included. Learn about the Home Safety Visit App, the Fire Safety Materials Generator and the common national fire safety theme, Fire is Everyone’s Fight. Be up-to-date about technology solutions for home fire safety.

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Module 3

Preventing Home Injuries

This two-hour multi-part module addresses the prevention of four home injuries. Build knowledge to identify safety risks in a home and help people make their home safer.

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Module 4

Achieving Model Performance

The 30-minute module is an overview of evaluating Community Risk Reduction (CRR) activities, focusing on fire prevention programs. Learn the relationship between program planning and evaluation. Measure the performance of the fire prevention programs with common processes used by other public health advocates. Insure CRR programs meet the goal of a safer community. Learn about each evaluation step through a case study.

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Module 5

Communications Coach

Have you ever been asked to give a presentation? Are you terrified of public speaking and don’t know where to turn for help? You are in the right place. This lesson gives you presentation tips and resources to help you prepare and feel more confident speaking in front of people. The COMMUNICATION COACH is for YOU!! A speedy way to get ready for a fire and life safety presentation and find really good materials to use. Learn to Plan, Prepare, Practice, Present and Perfect your presentation.

The Communication Coach module gives you tips and resources to help you prepare for a public speaking assignment. No need to be terrified – get prepared! Find really good materials and get ready for your presentation with this module.

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Module 6

Introduction to Youth Firesetting Prevention and Intervention

Curiosity in children is normal; starting fires is not — nor is it a phase. Youth who start fires and their families need help to stop firesetting. Learn more about preventing and providing intervention for youth firesetting. What is it? Who is it? AND Why?

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