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Discovery Data Hub

Funded by a grant from the FEMA Fire Prevention and Safety Grant Program

Welcome to Discovery, Vision 20/20’s new CRR Data Hub, a name that truly embraces the progressive mindset that data brings to the fire service.

Over the past decade we have seen an increase in a focus on data across the fire service and a wider acceptance of CRR principles and practices. Vision 20/20 is making a concerted effort to support your efforts to unlock the power of your data through this free tool.

Discovery’s easy-to-use and intuitive interface provides a means to graphically explore service areas at multiple levels, from a national perspective down to the station level. This is possible through the use of census tracts, and the tool provides basic detail to organizations that have previously been unable to examine their data because of limited resources, knowledge or skills. This is instrumental in developing a Community Risk Assessment, the first step in Community Risk Reduction.

Whether it is incident response data, demographic data or health related risks, the platform assists organizations in becoming more effective at understanding  the risk in their community. Discovery provides the tools to help build important data assessment skills among forward-thinking CRR practitioners, allowing them to implement strategies that support high-impact, customer-focused service delivery.

Discovery is just a starting point. Vision 20/20’s goal is to provide a means for all fire service organizations to harness the power of their data and foster an innovative environment that is not limited by organizational size, scope or resources. By embracing a Discovery mindset, we open up a whole new world where curiosity meets innovation, changing the way we think and where we focus our time and energy.

So welcome to Discovery, Vision 20/20’s new CRR Data Hub.

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