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Discovery Data Hub – Demographics

Funded by a grant from the FEMA Fire Prevention and Safety Grant Program

The Discovery Data Hub incorporates demographic data from the U.S. Census Bureau and provides details on population size and density, racial and ethnic diversity, gender, household size and income and housing characteristics.  These are important key indicators that help in understanding your community on a deeper level which lead to developing Community Risk Reduction programs that meet your needs.  The simple-to-use graphical map interface allows users to drill down to State, County and Census Tract levels and gather data on specific geographic locations. Pop up dialogue boxes provide the data in an easy-to-use format to cut-and-paste it into your Community Risk Assessment document.

Please be sure to read the FAQs that provides detailed information on browsers supported, performance, sourced data and methods to enhance the user experience.

By zooming in on this map below you can focus on a specific geographic area and by clicking on a census tract, you can get more data related to that area.