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Discovery Data Hub – U.S. Stroke Mortality Rates

Funded by a grant from the FEMA Fire Prevention and Safety Grant Program

Within Discovery we are incorporating datasets to guide departments in looking at a community more holistically and in areas that may impact operations and that a department can work to reduce.  The U.S. Stroke Mortality map is broken down to the County level where you can gather information on the stroke mortality rates for different demographic groups broken down by race, age and gender.  This dataset is provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the interface provides a dialogue box similar to the other maps within Discovery that allows the user to highlight, cut-and-paste the data into their document.  Vision 20/20 will continue to assess and build out Discovery to include additional risk datasets that support the strategic direction of engaging departments on a deeper holistic approach to CRR.

Please be sure to read the FAQs that provide detailed information on browsers supported, performance, sourced data and methods to enhance the user experience.

By zooming in on this map below you can focus on a specific geographic area and by clicking on a census tract, you can get more data related to that area.