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Funded by a grant from the FEMA Fire Prevention and Safety Grant Program

A key part of developing a Community Risk Reduction (CRR) plan is to first identify what are the key risks that a community faces. This is done through a Community Risk Assessment (CRA) and data is an important part of this assessment. You might think that you do know what the risk is in your community, but this might be just a perception, not the reality. By using a data-informed approach, it is possible to quantify what the risk is and to either validate or dispel what the perception of risk might be.

Vision 20/20, with funding from a Fire Prevention and Safety Grant, has developed this tool to help you visualize and document the risk in your community in a number of different areas, both traditional (fire) and non-traditional areas (heart attack/stroke).

Click on any of the buttons on the left to see maps with data specific to that risk.