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City of Spokane Washington CRA

Ever start your Community Risk Assessment (CRA) only to put in down days into the process and watch it sit on the shelf indefinitely? You are not alone. Vision 20/20 identified this as a large gap across our fire service peer groups and has developed the training and materials to move you past common stumbling blocks and put you on the path to success. Developing your CRA is a straightforward process that is well defined in our Community Risk Assessment Guide and Data Collection & Analysis 2-day training. Whether your organization is large or small, career or volunteer, developing these critical skills will set you and your organization up to truly understand local risk and how to apply various strategies for prevention & mitigation. Essentially, your CRA puts the Community into Community Risk Reduction.

Our leadership challenge is simple, make today the day your organization commits to supporting your community through impactful service delivery based on local risk. Vision 20/20 is your partner in Community Risk Reduction and is committed to your success through our tenants to Educate, Equip & Engage. Follow the link below to find out more about our 2 Day Data Collection & Analysis training that is focused on helping you to complete your CRA!

We love to showcase the stellar efforts of fire departments across the nation and encourage you to learn more about the City of Spokane, Washington Community Risk Assessment that was developed using our Data Collection & Analysis training process. The City of Spokane dials up the quality through this interactive CRA that helps to engage stakeholders in learning more about risk within their community.

“Vision 20/20’s Data Collection & Analysis for the Fire Service course provided me the opportunity to spend a couple days with national experts in Community Risk Reduction, digging into our data, and generating questions to take back to our leadership team. I returned home with a step-by-step guide that allowed us to take our CRA from concept to reality.”

Jamie McIntyre, Community Risk Reduction Manager
City of Spokane Fire Department, Washington State

“Thanks to Vision 2020’s outstanding course, expertly crafted material, and seamless process, Jamie McIntyre led our team at the Spokane Fire Department in creating a robust Community Risk Assessment. The insights and tools we gained were invaluable, enabling us to identify and mitigate potential risks to our community. Vision 2020’s guidance and support were instrumental in helping us develop a comprehensive and effective risk management plan.”

Chief Brian Schaeffer
City of Spokane Fire Department, Washington State

To learn more about Vision 20/20’s Data Collection & Analysis Course, click here.