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The IMPAC-Tool is a new, free, online resource tool to help you make your existing or new fire and burn safety or CRR messages more effective…. is going to be released soon!  From the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation. 
IMPAC-Tool does not create messages – it helps you evaluate a message. So, if you are creating a fire/burn/CRR message from scratch, here’s a great tool to help you refine it. Or you can check and see if an existing message can be made even more effective.
The IMPAC-Tool was developed by a multi-disciplinary team of national subject matter experts from fire and burn safety, behavioral science, education and communications and was funded by a FEMA Fire Prevention and Safety Grant to AARBF.
Questions? Check out the IMPAC-Tool website or reach out to AARBF, Executive Director, Daniel Chacon at