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Vision 20/20 State Representatives

The State Representatives below have attended past Model Performance in Fire Prevention Symposia. They are acquainted with Vision 20/20 and the personnel and resources available to help departments advance CRR best practices in their communities. You may want to reach out to those in your state or region to share plans and to build momentum.

State Representatives Directory

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  • Ament, Austin
    Texas State Fire Marshal's Office
    Texas State Fire Marshal's Office
    Austin, Texas
    Contact Austin
  • Behlings, Tim
    Division Chief / Fire Marshal
    Rapid City Fire Department
    Rapid City, South Dakota
    Contact Tim
  • Belcher, Brian
    Asst. Chief/ Fire Marshal
    Grand Traverse Metro Fire Department
    Traverse City, Michigan
    Contact Brian
  • Bongiorno, Joseph
    Meridian Fire Department
    Meridian Fire Department
    Meridian, Idaho
    Contact Joseph
  • Boyd, Alex
    Assistant Chief
    Anchorage Fire Department
    Anchorage, Alaska
    Contact Alex
  • Brant, Josiah
    Plan Reviewer/ Acting Assistant State Fire Marshal
    Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management
    Phoenix, Arizona
    Contact Josiah
  • Brown Sr, Ruben
    Fire Chief
    Greenville Fire Depratment
    Greenville, Mississippi
    Contact Ruben
  • Bush, Ronald
    Fire Fighter III
    County of Kauai - Fire Department
    Lihue, Hawaii
    Contact Ronald
  • Cherrone, David
    Fire Marshal
    Clay Fire Territory
    South Bend, Indiana
    Contact David
  • Cleveland, Gregg
    State Representative
    Wisconsin State Fire Chiefs' Association
    Bangor, Wisconsin
    Contact Gregg
  • Coleman, Laura
    Georgia Public Safety Educators Association
    Dawsonville, Georgia
    Contact Laura
  • Crisman, Teresa Ann
    Community Risk Reduction Manager
    Maryland Fire Chief's Association/PGFD/EMS
    Landover Hills, Maryland
    Contact Teresa Ann
  • Dargan, Chris
    Metro Fire Sacramento
    Metro Fire Sacramento
    Mather, California
    Contact Chris
  • Desmarais, Dean
    Fire Chief
    Chicopee Fire Department
    Chicopee, Massachusetts
    Contact Dean
  • Douglas, Sean
    Fire Chief & Emergency Mgt Dir
    Claremore Fire Department
    Claremore, Oklahoma
    Contact Sean
  • Dubois, Stacey
    District Chief
    NH State Fire Marshal’s Office
    Concord, New Hampshire
    Contact Stacey
  • Emerson, Jeffrey
    Deputy Chief of Fire Prevention
    Brunswick Fire Department
    Brunswick, Maine
    Contact Jeffrey
  • Ennis, Rick
    City of Cape Girardeau Fire Department
    City of Cape Girardeau Fire Department
    Cape Girardeau, Missouri
    Contact Rick
  • Falwell, Tony
    Battalion Fire Chief
    DC Fire and EMS Department
    Washington, District of Columbia
    Contact Tony
  • Fulbright, Joshua
    Chief of Community Risk Reduction
    S.C. State Fire - Office of State Fire Marshal
    Columbia, South Carolina
    Contact Joshua
  • Gannie, Melissa
    Assistant State Fire Marshal
    Washington State Patrol State Fire Marshal's Office
    Olympia, Washington
    Contact Melissa
  • Gassett, Dalan
    Deputy State Fire Marshal
    State of Alabama Fire Marshal's Office
    Montgomery, Alabama
    Contact Dalan
  • Graham, Steve
    South Carolina State Association of Fire Chiefs
    Greenville, South Carolina
    Contact Steve
  • Grande, Anthony
    Fire Chief
    Decatur Fire and Rescue
    Decatur, Alabama
    Contact Anthony
  • Greenia, Micheal
    Asst. State Fire Marshal / Section Chief
    State of Vermont Division of Fire Safety
    Barre, Vermont
    Contact Micheal
  • Gulley, Randy
    Fire Marshal
    Wayne Township Fire Department
    Indianapolis, Indiana
    Contact Randy
  • Hammond, Ben
    Arkansas Fire Marshals
    Sheridan, Arkansas
    Contact Ben
  • Hatch, Joanne
    Public Education Chief
    Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue
    Tigard, Oregon
    Contact Joanne
  • Hay, Greg
    Fire Service Outreach Coordinator
    Office of the Illinois State Fire Marshal
    Springfield, Illinois
    Contact Greg
  • Herman, Kraig
    Public Education Specialist
    Office of the State Fire Commissioner
    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
    Contact Kraig
  • Holmes, John
    Fire Marshal
    City of Elko Fire Department
    Elko, Nevada
    Contact John
  • Hulin, Dolly
    Div. Chief
    North Carolina Assocation of FIre Chiefs
    Thomasville, North Carolina
    Contact Dolly
  • Iacovetta, Sabrina
    Public Education Officer
    Thornton Fire Department
    Thornton, Colorado
    Contact Sabrina
  • Ingold, Kelly
    Publie Education and Outreach Consultant
    Kansas Office of the State Fire Marshal
    Topeka, Kansas
    Contact Kelly
  • Jarvie, Verl
    Idaho State Fire Marshal Office
    Idaho Falls, Idaho
    Contact Verl
  • Koering, Steve
    Fire Chief
    St Louis Park Fire Department
    St Louis Park, Minnesota
    Contact Steve
  • Kriwer, Eric
    Arizona Fire & Medical Authority
    Arizona Fire & Medical Authority
    Sun City West, Arizona
    Contact Eric
  • Lavin, Charles
    Supervisor, Community Risk Reduction
    NJ Division of Fire Safety
    Trenton, New Jersey
    Contact Charles
  • Lewis, Corey
    Fire Prevention Officer/PIO
    Richmond Fire Department
    Richmond, Kentucky
    Contact Corey
  • Lowe, MIke
    Training Administrator
    Delaware State Fire School
    Dover, Delaware
    Contact MIke
  • Lucas, Jeffrey
    Deputy Fire Chief / Fire Marshal
    Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida
    Contact Jeffrey
  • Luetkemeyer, Matthew
    Statewide Fire Mutual Aid Coordinator
    Missouri Division of Fire Safety
    Jefferson City, Missouri
    Contact Matthew
  • Lund, Jonathan
    Fire Marshal
    Des Moines Fire Department
    Des Moines, Iowa
    Contact Jonathan
  • Marschik, Louis
    Fire Fighter
    Oklahoma City Fire Dept.
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
    Contact Louis
  • Mathews, Byron
    Fire Marshal
    Cheyenne Fire Rescue
    Cheyenne, Wyoming
    Contact Byron
  • McCarthy, Richard
    Assistant State Fire Marshal
    Office of State Fire Marshal
    Augusta, Maine
    Contact Richard
  • McCormick, Andrew
    Public Education Specialist
    Utah State Fire Marshal Office
    Murray, Utah
    Contact Andrew
  • McKenna, Sally
    Deputy State Fire Marshal
    Montna State Fire Marshal's Office
    Billings, MT, Montana
    Contact Sally
  • Montgomery, Bruce
    Fire Prevention Specialist/PIO
    Hillsboro FIre Department
    Hillsboro, Oregon
    Contact Bruce
  • Mossgrove, Timothy
    Fire Chief
    Haines City Fire Department
    Haines City, Florida
    Contact Timothy
  • Napier, Jon
    Deputy Chief/Fire Marshal
    Puget Sound RFA
    Kent, Washington
    Contact Jon
  • O'Leary, Peter
    Fond Du Lac City Fire Rescue
    Fond Du Lac City Fire Rescue
    Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin
    Contact Peter
  • O'Malley, Kimberly
    Training Administrator
    Delaware State Fire School
    Dover, Delaware
    Contact Kimberly
  • Parker, Jan
    Fire Prevention Specialist
    NC State Office of Fire Marshal
    Wendell, North Carolina
    Contact Jan
  • Pashkowsky, Kymberly
    Logistics Section Chief
    State of Michigan CRR Task Force
    Rockford, Michigan
    Contact Kymberly
  • Perkins, Jane
    Captain, Watch Hill Fire
    RI Association of Fire Chiefs
    Westerly, Rhode Island
    Contact Jane
  • Perreira, Robert
    Battalion Chief
    Hawaii Fire Department
    Hilo, Hawaii
    Contact Robert
  • Premus, Chip
    Fire Marshal
    Watertown Fire Rescue
    Watertown, South Dakota
    Contact Chip
  • Purvis, Zachary
    Fire Safety Educator
    Mississippi State Fire Marshal's Office
    Jackson, Mississippi
    Contact Zachary
  • Quinterno, Vincent
    Rhode Island State Fire Marshal Office
    Rhode Island State Fire Marshal Office
    Exeter, Rhode Island
    Contact Vincent
  • Reed, James
    Wyoming State Fire Marshal
    State of Wyoming
    Cheyenne, Wyoming
    Contact James
  • Resnick, Jim
    Program Mngr - Senior Outreach & Education
    Montgomery Co. (MD) Fire & Rescue Service
    Gaithersburg, Maryland
    Contact Jim
  • Rice, Erin
    Community Risk Reduction Coordinator
    Virginia State Fire Marshal's Office
    Glen Allen, Virginia
    Contact Erin
  • Richter, Karla
    Public Safety Educator
    Georgia State Fire Marshal's Office
    Atlanta, Georgia
    Contact Karla
  • Roberson, Chad
    Assistant Fire Chief
    St. George Fire Protection District
    Baton Rouge, Louisiana
    Contact Chad
  • Rosemond, Courtney
    Public Information Specialist
    WV State Fire Marshal's Office
    Charleston, West Virginia
    Contact Courtney
  • Rozier, Rick
    deputy fire marshal
    las vegas fire and rescue
    las vegas, Nevada
    Contact Rick
  • Sanders, Alyssa
    Public Information Officer/ Fire Prevention
    Nebraska State Fire Marshal Agency
    Lincoln, Nebraska
    Contact Alyssa
  • Scott, Baylie
    Community Risk Reduction Coordinator
    Tennessee State Fire Marshal's Office
    Nashville, Tennessee
    Contact Baylie
  • Simays, Barry
    Battalion Chief/Fire Marshal
    Burlington Fire Department
    Burlington, Vermont
    Contact Barry
  • Sisk, Ken
    State Fire Marshal
    North Dakota State Fire Marshal's office
    Bismarck, North Dakota
    Contact Ken
  • Spencer, Scott
    Fire Chief
    Payson Fire & Rescue
    Payson, Utah
    Contact Scott
  • Summers, Jamie
    Fire Chief
    City of Martin Fire/Rescue Department
    Martin, Tennessee
    Contact Jamie
  • Swartwout, Guy
    Branch Chief - Inspections & Investigations
    NYS DHSES Office of Fire Prevention & Control
    Albany, New York
    Contact Guy
  • Swenson, Amanda
    Deputy State Fire Marshal
    Minnesota State Fire Marshal Division
    St. Paul, Minnesota
    Contact Amanda
  • Syzdek, Suzanne
    Grants Administrator
    New York State Association of Fire Chiefs
    East Schodack, New York
    Contact Suzanne
  • Taylor, Aleazor
    Juvenile Firesetter Program Manager
    DC Fire & EMS Department
    Washington, District of Columbia
    Contact Aleazor
  • Tinsman, April
    Deputy Fire Marshal
    Paducah Fire Department
    Paducah, Kentucky
    Contact April
  • Toika, Mike
    Fire Marshal
    Addison Fire Protection District 1
    Addison, Illinois
    Contact Mike
  • Toomey, Sean
    Deputy Fire Chief
    Concord Fire Department
    Warner, New Hampshire
    Contact Sean
  • Trenholm, Terri
    Fire & Life Safety Specialist
    Ct Office of State Fire Marshal
    Hartford, Connecticut
    Contact Terri
  • Vigneau, Paul
    Director, Fire Safety Division
    Massachusetts Department of Fire Services
    Stow, Massachusetts
    Contact Paul
  • Weidman, Todd
    Assistant Fire Chief
    Webster Fire Department
    Webster, Texas
    Contact Todd
  • Westendorf, Jonathan
    2nd VP/OFCA Legislative Chair
    Ohio Fire Chiefs' Association
    Franklin, Ohio
    Contact Jonathan
  • Wolf, Ray
    Public Ed Manager
    NM State Fire Marshal Office
    Espanola, New Mexico
    Contact Ray