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Youth Firesetting

Welcome to YFIRES, the nation’s only Youth Firesetting Information Repository & Evaluation System.

Vision 20/20 hosts the YFIRES database and we invite you to join the movement to prevent Youth Firesetting.  We would like to thank our YFIRES sponsor First Alert for their support in funding this project!

YFIRES, empowers fire departments to tackle youth firesetting with data-driven solutions.

Youth Firesetting is a serious concern for the nation. But without a clear understanding of the scope and causes, prevention & intervention programs struggle to reach their full potential. This is where YFIRES comes in.

YFIRES: Unlocking Insights, Strengthening Interventions

YFIRES is the nation’s only repository dedicated to youth firesetting behavior. It’s a free resource designed specifically for fire departments and collaborating organizations.

Here’s what YFIRES offers fire departments:

  • A free solution for your organization.  The YFIRES platform is sponsored by First Alert, providing you free access to the compile and organize your YFS cases.
  • National Data Landscape: Gain a comprehensive picture of youth firesetting trends across the US.
  • Targeted Strategies: Use data to tailor prevention and intervention programs to the specific needs of your community.
  • Grant Opportunities: Strengthen grant proposals with data-backed evidence of the problem and the impact of your programs.
  • Collaboration & Knowledge Sharing: Connect with fire departments nationwide, share best practices, and collectively refine intervention approaches.

Join the Movement to Prevent Youth Firesetting

By participating in YFIRES, your fire department becomes part of a national effort to understand and address youth firesetting. This not only safeguards your community but also paves the way for more effective intervention programs across the country.

Ready to get started?

Visit today to learn more and register. Together, along with YFIRES as our tool, we can make a significant impact on youth firesetting prevention & intervention.