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Short Takes – The Heart of Hub-Cor

January 22, 2020 • Ed Comeau

In this episode of Short Takes we talk with Katie Harrington from Worcester, MA about her program she’ll be presenting on at The Vision 20/20 Model Performance in CRR Symposium. You can learn more and register at ​Approximately 80 city employees, hospitals, and human service non-profit members originally assembled to create Worcester’s Hub-Cor, a collaborative project to address the needs of the underserved members of our community that have an impact on our service delivery. Hub-Cor is now a meeting of now 22 organizations and an additional 9 in the background that meets weekly to address individuals or families suffering mental illness, homelessness, domestic violence, child/elder abuse or neglect and any other acute elevated risk that may plague the city. The group develops systematic, analytical, and economical safety plan and proposes a means to reduce risk that can be quickly implemented with positive results.

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