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Short Takes with Kim Stouse

January 15, 2020 • Ed Comeau

In this episode of Short Takes we talk with Kim Stouse from the Pocatello Fire Department about her presentation at the upcoming Vision 20/20 Project Model Performance in CRR Symposium on February 17-20. You can learn more and register at Pocatello Fire Department/Bannock County Ambulance recognized a significant increase in calls to assisted living facilities which accounted for over 11% of emergency medical calls. Representatives from the assisted living facilities, emergency response organizations, and state officials formed a committee and wrote protocols for calling 911 versus utilizing facility staff. These protocols were adopted by all of the local assisted living facilities. As of March of 2019, calls to assisted living facilities have declined by approximately 50% from the highest year and now represent 4.5% of total medical calls for service.

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