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Symposium 7

S7 is in the books!

Thanks to everyone that attended, the presenters and the partners that all made it possible. We are now working on S8, which will be held in 2024. 

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Why do people keep coming back to Vision 20/20’s CRR Symposiums?

barrow testimonial

I’d love to tell you why I wanted to come back! I have a passion for CRR. I truly believe that there is so much that we can do to improve people’s lives, given the right resources. This conference is one of those resources. I loved getting to hear what worked for others and what didn’t. Being around so many other people with the same fire for CRR, and networking with them, made me come back with an even stronger desire to better my community’s safety through new CRR techniques I learned at the Vision 20/20 Symposium.

Heather Barrow
Fire Inspector
Montevallo Fire Department

lewis testimonial

S7 will be my third and I couldn’t be more excited about coming together with like minded passionate CRR professionals from around the country. I left S6 energized and inspired to take what I learned through the presentations and seminars back to my community and look forward to the same again at S7.  The symposium is an opportunity to to share ideas and listen to colleagues experiences so that I become a better CRR advocate. 
Corey Lewis, FF/EMT
Public Education and Information Officer
Richmond (KY) Fire Department

toika testimonial

I am returning to Symposium 7 because I haven’t missed one yet.  Past symposiums have provided outstanding programs, food for thought on adopting some programs in my community, and the networking with peers is outstanding.  I am looking forward to reconnecting with everyone and bringing new and fresh ideas back to my department.
Mike Toika
Fire Marshal
Addison Fire Protection District #1

shearer testimonial

I had the opportunity to attend Symposium 4 and since that time I make it a priority to attend the Vision 2020 symposiums.  I have been to several state and national conferences with Community Risk Reduction topics, and what makes the Vision 2020 symposium different is that the two-and-a-half days are packed with the best reduction programs from across the nation. The 20-minute presentations give you the highlights, while the networking time gives you the chance to  get the details you need from the presenters. If you’re looking for a solution to your community risk, the Symposium will have an answer.

Ben Shearer
Pasco Fire Department
Washington State