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CRR Logo Download


Vision 20/20 has developed a CRR logo for fire departments to use in promoting Community Risk Reduction in your area.  Our goal is to help AHJs in “branding” CRR by providing you with a consistent logo that you can use on your web site, printed literature, vehicles, etc.

This logo is intended to help brand the concept of Community Risk Reduction.  In order to avoid confusion among our varied audiences, our intention is to use this logo internally, rather than for our external audiences.  In this context “internal” means both our fire service audiences (e.g. firefighters, fire prevention personnel, training officers, etc.), it can also mean the policy makers who should also understand the CRR concepts.  Elected officials, governing board members and others who would be in a position to appreciate this approach where the logo can help cement their understanding are included in our “internal” audience for this purpose.

When we are communicating with external audiences (i.e. general public) it would be more appropriate to send specific messages and “tag” the messages with the USFA theme “Fire is Everyone’s Fight.”

This logo is only to be used by government entities and non-profit organizations in promoting CRR.  It is not to be used for commercial purposes or to be used in a manner that would imply endorsement of commercial products or services.  PLEASE honor this request and agree to these conditions.

  1. The CRR logo is to be used in promoting the concept or programs of Community Risk Reduction within a community.
  2. It is NOT to be used in any manner for commercial purposes or in a manner that would imply endorsement of a commercial product or service.
  3. The logo is not to be used on any commercial product or packaging.
  4. By filling in this form and downloading the logo, you agree to maintain control of the logo and not forward/share it with any commercial venture or service that would violate the word or intent of these conditions.
  5. Vision 20/20 and the Institution of Fire Engineers reserves the right to control the use of the CRR logo and, if it is being used inappropriately by an entity, may request that further use be discontinued.

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