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CRR Essentials

Essentials of Community Risk Reduction is an, online, free course from The Vision 20/20 Project and IFSTA ResourceOne. This short course helps you gain a better understanding of the importance of Community Risk Reduction to the fire service and to the community. Being a fire fighter is so much more than responding to fires and medical emergencies – it is helping to make the community a safer place to live and work, and this can range from teaching fire prevention to pool safety.

Essentials of Community Risk Reduction is divided into four modules, and when you finish all four you earn a Certificate of Completion that helps document your professional development.

  • Module 1 – Community Risk Reduction
  • Module 2 – Fire and Burn Prevention
  • Module 3 – Preventing Home Injuries
  • Module 4 – Achieving Model Performance

Why do you need this course?

  • Home fires have changed – fire is faster, much faster
  • Smoke alarm guidelines have changed – one alarm is never enough
  • Making a home safer includes reducing risks, and this can include fires, cooking, falls or pool safety, to mention a few.
  • This course can show you how to effectively use messages that resonate with high-risk populations
  • Discover best practices to reduce loss – there is no need to reinvent lessons learned by others
  • Focus on community risks specific to the community around your fire station and the priority risks throughout your entire jurisdiction
  • Plan and deliver programs that measure up with model performance measures. Yes, prove your program achieves the goal – a safer community.

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