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Monique’s Story

Monique’s Story is the incredible story of how a smoke alarm installed by the Philadelphia Fire Department’s Community Risk Reduction program saved the lives of Monique and her family late one night.

In 2012, the Philadelphia Fire Department installed a smoke alarm in Darnell’s house as part of a Community Risk Reduction program.

In 2015, the family came home from a visit to Disney World, exhausted. In the middle of the night, a fire broke out, setting off the smoke alarm.  Darnell, his daughter Monique, and granddaughters Armani and Ariel were able to escape, as told by Darnell and Monique and as heard on the 911 recording where they had to jump out of a second story window.

Vision 20/20 is making this video available for you to use in your own outreach efforts, and you can stream the video or embed it on your website you can use the following embed code

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