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2016 Symposium Webinars

You can stream and download these webinars from V2020’s Symposium!

  • Model Performance – State Programs that are Succeeding
    • Focusing Resources Where They Matter Most
    • Gary West, Tennessee State Fire Marshal
    • Marshal West will be talking about the “Get Alarmed Tennessee” program that installed over 100,000 smoke alarms in high-risk areas and has resulted in a 28% reduction in fire deaths.
    • Fire Data in a Serious State
    • Sara Wood, Kansas State NFIRS Program Manager
    • Ms. Wood will talk about removing barriers, making data more accessible and creating a more positive attitude towards data reporting. As a result, they have increased reporting levels from 31% to 83% of departments in two years.
  • Model Performance – Cities with Solutions
    • No More Fire Deaths
      Derrick Sawyer, Deputy Chief, Philadelphia Fire Department
    • Chief Sawyer will explain that by using a detailed analysis of fire data, Philadelphia launched a pilot program for a focused smoke alarm installation program in high risk areas that resulted in a 30% improvement as compared to the rest of he city.
    • Sprinklers in Rapid City
      Tim Behlings, Division Chief, Rapid City Fire Department
    • Chief Behlings will describe the sprinkler initiative in Rapid City that focuses on a wide diversity of occupancies and that has resulted in 33 sprinkler saves since it started. As Chief Behlings says, “we need to stop digging the hole and building a ladder so that more people are protected by sprinklers…”
  • You will also learn more about the free, online V2020 Fire Safety Materials Generator and other resources available on the Vision 20/20 website.