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AHJ and Product Certification

Download the webinar | Download the PowerPoint (PDF 15 mb)

Evolving technology and an increased demand for manufacturers to bring new products to market quickly can create challenges for the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) responsible for reviewing or approving construction documents and discerning if a new product is acceptable for use. Technical data sheets often include a myriad of certification marks and references to a variety of test methods, some of which may be different than the AHJ is accustomed to seeing. Ultimately the AHJ is responsible for working through this material and approving products and equipment.

This webinar provides the viewer with:

  • An overview on the historic impacts, legal and code requirements for products to be evaluated by an independent testing facility
  • How to verify that a testing/approval agency is qualified to evaluate various products
  • Strategies for AHJs to verify a product or certification mark is acceptable and alternative approaches for new products where a test method is not yet available

Presenter: David Smith, Deputy Fire Marshal, Lake Oswego (OR)

Download the webinar | Download the PowerPoint (PDF 15 mb)

This webinar from the Vision 20/20 Project was done in partnership with the International Association of Fire Chiefs and was funded by a DHS Fire Prevention and Safety Grant to the IFE-USA Branch.