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Symposium 7 Call for Presentations

Call for Presentations Will Go Live on January 12, 2021

But you can start getting yours ready now!

The purpose of the 7th Model Programs in Community Risk Reduction Symposium is to recognize and share proven programs that can be duplicated by other agencies and to encourage others to evaluate their efforts. Presenters should have an outstanding initiative with quality outcomes and at least three years of evaluation. Presenters should be able to convey their findings in a pleasant manner using the nationally recognized CRR Evaluation format promoted by the National Fire Academy and Vision 20/20. 

Opening on January 12, 2021, the submission process will be an online form and where you can upload a PDF or other common format written document. 

You can download the template now to start getting your submission ready.

The Peer Review Team will first review all anonymous written evaluations. The scoring rubrics are available here

Written Submissions

Please provide an anonymized CRR Evaluation of your program that is no more than three pages in length. Upload this in a common format such as pdf. The scoring rubric is below. 

The CRR Evaluation of your program should be divided under the headings of:

  • Formative
  • Process
  • Impacts
  • Outcomes
  • Suggestions for duplication by other organizations

Learn more about how to use the Model Program measurement and evaluation categories at:

Use an easy-to-read font of your choice. It should be no smaller than 12 pt Times New Roman and no closely spaced than 1.5 lines in 12 pt Times New Roman.  A black font type with white background is recommended. 

Evaluations are limited to three (3), A4 or 8.5×11-inch pages with no additional attachments. If selected as a model program to be presented at the 2022 Symposium, you will need to reduce the program overview to about 1.75 pages and use a provided template. 

You may include charts, graphs, etc. to aid in understanding. These are included in your three-page limit. 

Anonymous – Please write using general references to your organization and partners unless referencing national programs, standards, or initiatives. For example, instead of “Utah Office of the State Fire Marshal” use “our agency,” “the department,” or similar references. You may include direct references such as “applicable to the NFPA 1035 Standard” or “using products from the Vision 20/20 CRR Materials Generator.” 

Review Process

A Peer Review Team will review each submission. The evaluation rubric follows. Their suggestions are sent to the Symposium Committee for final review. Model programs can measure their performance over time and demonstrate solid outcomes. In addition to quality, proven programs, a good evaluation of a failure or a quality program of a less-presented topic may be selected over high-scoring programs that all have similar formative and process evaluations. 

If your program spans more than one state-level or equivalent geography or if it is a product (regardless of cost), select a smaller jurisdiction’s program to present as a case study. 

Past submissions should resubmit! Only the top dozen or so programs can be selected each year so many good programs, especially if there were others of the same topic or if the program was too young, get left behind. You are encouraged to update your evaluation and resubmit.

Submissions MUST be made online and will not be open until January 12, 2021.